Lime Handling via Material handling equipment

Lime Handling via Material handling equipment

Rapid urbanization calls for the lime and cement industry and they are in full bloom. Lime is one of the critical components when it comes to its material handling. The industrial process of producing lime occurs at a larger level. Hence, handling lime is crucial yet very important. The industry will need powerful and reliable material handling equipment to transport lime during the process and for storage. Lime is a challenging material and hence it will demand special methods of material handling. Trimech India brings viable methods of lime material handling to ensure that the process goes flawless.

Trimech India covers the entire line of lime material handling that will include lime sludge, dry lime, hot lime, limestone, and other lime products. Some of the well-known material handling equipment is bucket elevators, belt conveyors, belt trippers, and belt feeders. These essential type of equipments assure that lime or its by-products are made to transport with ease to their respective destination. 

Bucket elevators can transport lime vertically up and down as per the requirement. They are made to handle higher capacities of lime. Hence they usually end up becoming a favorite for many industrialists. Trimech India offers slow speed continuous style and high-speed centrifugal type of bucket elevators for lime handling.

Belt conveyors are the most common and widely used ones in lime material handling. They fill the gap and make material movement easier. Conveyors are genuine ways of material handling as they go a long way in doing so. However, Trimech India offers customization to belt conveyors to suit your need.

Adding belt trippers to conveyors means adding flexibility to the material handling system. These trippers allow the material to get down at any point and also at multiple points along with the conveyor.

Lime Handling via Material handling equipment

Lime is one of the critical materials to handle and it has many sub-types. Hence, understanding this need; we at Trimech India prefer to give away a customized lime material handling type of equipments. The most important things here are the design of the material handling equipment that should comply with the need and nature of lime. It should be made in such a way that it can go along with lime for years. We provide you with a system that can handle the rigorous nature of lime for years.

If you decide to get associated with Trimech India for lime material handling, then you are likely to avail some of the benefits.

  • Reliable and proven designs from one of the leading material handling industries.
  • A complete package of material handling of type of equipment to deal with aggressive lime.
  • Provision of type of equipments that can withstand the harsh environment.
  • Ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation.

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