Material handling involves various processes like movement, protection, storage and control of materials and products throughout manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption and disposal. The equipments that are the part of making this process are the material handling equipments. It is important to have a quality material handling equipments so as to avoid any accidents. Here are one of the finest qualities of material handling equipments manufacturer and suppliers. Conveyer system is one of the efficient mode for transporting material and products in the industries. It includes Mechanical conveyer system and Pneumatic conveyer system.

Mechanical conveyer system: Mechanical conveyer system transports large amount of products horizontally, vertically or at an incline processing system. The system includes number of moving parts like belts, buckets, chains, trays that are used to move products quickly at a desired place.

There are different types of mechanical conveyer system available for different purposes. Mechanical conveyers are usually used for the transport of dense, sticky or granular products. Such conveyers are allowed when the transport is to be made at a shorter distance. The types of mechanical conveyers available are:

  1. Screw Conveyers: They are very popular and cost effective. They are installed either horizontally or inclined.
  2. Vibrating conveyer: They are for the transportation of sensitive bulk product. They are extensively used in food grade transportation. It is mostly useful where sanitation is the prime necessity. These type of conveyers can also do sorting, classification and screening.

Differential motion conveyer: it usually avoids any damage to the product and eases the transportation.

Advantages of Mechanical Conveyer System

They are energy efficient. As compared, they require much less amount of horse power to run the conveyer. It saves energy and time.

Transportation of bulk solids at times can lead to explosion due to dust particles. Mechanical conveyer use more conventional method for transportation and thus reduces the risk of explosion.

Mechanical conveyer is more suitable for the transportation of dense, heavy or granular products. Hence they are the best option for the transfer of heavy materials.

Mechanical conveying system is cost effective. They are less expensive to design. It is the best option for small scale industries and business.

Pneumatic Conveyer System: Every pneumatic system consists of pipes or ducts known as transportation lines that carry a mixture of material and air stream. They consist of powdery materials that are flowing freely in the tubes. They are moved by air pressure. Pneumatic conveyer is usually two types; carrier system or dilute phase system. Carrier system pushes particles from one point to another whereas dilute phase uses push-pull method to transport material to the exit point. Air compressor or blowers are used to generate air flow.

Pneumatic Conveyer System

The advantages of pneumatic conveyer system is

Air is the main component in the system and no need to say that it can be available in abundant from the nature. Hence we can say the resources for the system are easily available.

Since air is the main component, channeling of the air in the tubes can be done easily.

The moderation of temperature can be maintained. Since the component of the conveying system is air, it can be operated at a desired temperature.

Air being the sole material that goes into the tube, it is easy to load it. It is easy to handle and it is not flammable. It does not explode or no short circuit occurs. Hence we can say that it is safe.

Air around us is clean, without chemicals and its harmless. It is possible to clean with some processes, so it is safe to use in the pneumatic conveying process.

The storage of air can be made easily. It can be installed easily so that the pressure boundary or the safety of the system to be safe.

Air is used to clean surface such as metal and machinery or indirectly through pneumatic system to produce certain movements.

Pneumatic system is used in many places in our day to day life including train doors, automatic production lines, mechanical clamps and more.

Different types of conveyer system are a kind of boon to different industries and most of the business. This company deals with the best quality of conveyers that can be an added advantage for your industry.

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