Nitrogen: Important ingredient in your food packages

Important ingredient in your food packages

Over the time we have been experiencing the freshness in packed food. The texture, the crispy character and the tasty element is maintained for long period of time. The reason behind your super fresh and crisp food packet is NITROGEN. It is most important gas in the food processing industry.


Oxygen is the culprit gas and it is one of the main reasons for spoilage of many food items.  The presence of oxygen promotes bacterial and fungal growth. The taste of the food changes and the food may get rancid. Oxygen is quite reactive hence it leads to oxidation of food ingredients.

When the food is being made or when it is being processed, the presence of oxygen cannot be denied. Not to forget that moisture is also a part of atmosphere. But what can be done is that, nitrogen can be filled up in the packets so that your food remains in a healthy state. The modern food packing machines have an integrated Nitrogen filling port. This nitrogen gas is filled in packets prior to adding food in the packs. A complete Nitrogen atmosphere is provided to the food what we also call as purging. Nitrogen being chemically inactive gas, it will keep the properties of food as it is. It helps in keeping food fresh for longer time. Always ensure that even the smallest of spaces is taken up by nitrogen and there’s no room left for oxygen or moisture.


Nowadays even dairy industries have started using this on-site nitrogen filling machines. The packet that contains powdered milk also has nitrogen in the pack so that powder degeneration does not occur. The milk powder stays fresh and it will give the same good taste throughout. Nitrogen purging in milk powder packets ensures that these packets can stay longer on shelves and even when they are consumed after long time, the contents are still fresh.

If you are an industry that is involved in food packing, you should get in touch with Trimech India. We are one the leading manufacturers of Nitrogen gas by PSA methods. Our teams of experts can guide with your requirements regarding nitrogen gas. We understand that different companies need different size of packages. Hence we provide you with an appropriate size of nitrogen generator machines that will satisfy your need. Food that will stay on shelves will obviously need more nitrogen filling than the ones that will go in the refrigerator for storage.

Food industries are mainly judged on the type of food they provide. Any kind of spoilage of food can lead to bad name for the company and it can cause health problems to the ones who have consumed such food. Thus, Nitrogen splash is important in packaging. Get in touch with us for more information about Nitrogen gas and its benefits.

Hold a fresh and crisp wafer packet in your hand. Yes, the loaded air bag may have few chips but you are assured that they are fresh and in a state that can be consumed. For more details, get in touch with us.

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