Trimech India is a vast manufacturing unit of gases like Nitrogen with the help of PSA & VPSA Nitrogen Plant. It is one of the Advanced Nitrogen Plant Manufacturer and Nitrogen Generator in India. As we are aware of the fact that nitrogen is available in ample amount naturally in the atmosphere. But since this nitrogen cannot be used directly from the atmosphere, Trimech India is engaged into extracting nitrogen for industrial use. Nitrogen plant is used for the pyrolysis of different macro molecules.

Pyrolysis is an industrial process of breaking down long chained molecules into smaller ones with the help of heat and catalyst. ‘Pyro’ means heat and ‘lysis’ means break down. Since this process of decomposition involves very high temperature, it is advisable to use nitrogen gas. This ensures the safety of the pyrolytic process. The opening door of the reactor chamber can be opened safely with the use of nitrogen gas. Nitrogen gas does not support combustion hence chances of facing hazards can be minimized to zero.

An immense amount of fuel and money have been used in the reactor to bring up the heat and catalyst to support the process of pyrolysis. When the process is going on, it is important to sustain the temperature that has been once raised. Nitrogen gas helps in sustaining the temperature by depressing the cooling down of the reactor. It would not be economically viable if the temperature is not maintained.

Pyrolysis involves very high temperature to get the desired micro molecules that are used for various purposes. While maintaining the temperature in the reactor until the product is collected, it is important that the reactants and metals used in the reactor have been cooled down. Nitrogen has a property of cooling down them in order to ensure safety.

Any industrial processes have their own rate of efficiency. It is in the benefit of the industry to have obtained product efficiently. Output of the product during a process matters to the company as it is directly proportional to their profit. Using nitrogen gas means maintaining the efficiency of the process. This leads to a larger turnover and in the favor of the company.

Nitrogen makes upto 78% of the total atmosphere. Do you ever mark its presence just like oxygen in the air? No. Nitrogen has this peculiar characteristic of being inert. It serves the purpose in the process without getting involved in it. It does not hurdles the process. Nitrogen is a stable gas and can be reliably used by industries for various processes.

Majority of the industries have been using pyrolysis as a method of decomposition of biomass, tyres, petroleum, hydrocarbons and many more to obtain desired products. The process has a great potentiality and benefits the future. Nitrogen being a friendly gas is used in the process and is considered to be important for the process.
Trimech India provides with the unmatched quality of nitrogen gas plant generator. It does not compromise on the quality. It produces nitrogen as per the requirement. Check out the latest information for the same on website.

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