Oxygen Generator Plant knows why it is in high demand

Oxygen Generator plant Know why it is in high demand

Air is a mixture of gases. They are found in different percentage. Nitrogen is found in abundant in nature followed by oxygen. Oxygen gas forms compounds easily with nearly all elements except inert ones. They form oxides. It is this property of this gas that makes it important commercially too. Oxygen gas is used in the manufacturing industries. The oxygen plant manufacturers holds a market value and has a valuable contribution in the growth of various other markets such as air-oxygen blenders, medical oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators.

Oxygen plants are industries designed to generate oxygen for industrial purpose. There are many industrial processes by which oxygen can be separated for use in industries. Electrolysis being very common but it is commercially not viable, hence not used by industries. Another method of obtaining oxygen is through cryogenic distillation. This is one of the most common methods used by many industries. Most common and modern methods of generating oxygen are PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) and VPSA (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption) used industrially.

Pressure Swing Adsorption Method: In this method a particular gas is separated from the gas mixture by applying pressure along with the use of an adsorbent such as Zeolite, activated charcoal and molecular sieve. Adsorbent means adhering to the surface. It is different from absorption. A film of the separated molecule is created on the surface which can be then removed. The technology involves separation of a particular gas from a gas mixture under pressure according to its molecular characteristics and affinity towards adsorbent. It is a kind of trap. It first adsorbs gas at high pressure, the process then comes down to low pressure to release the adsorbed gas. In this process, air is passed in the vessel that contains adsorbent material adhered to the wall of the container. Now if the adsorbent is zeolite, nitrogen gets adsorbed to it because of its affinity towards zeolite. Due to this, the concentration of oxygen in the vessel increases. Nitrogen will stay in the bed of adsorbent and oxygen that stayed in the vessel can be collected.


1) The operation is cyclic and automatic.

2) The machine is cost effective and lasts longer.

3) It can be generated according to use.

4) Easy to store.

Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption Method: In this process, separation is done with the help of molecular sieves. Air which is blown inside is cooled down to reduce its moisture content. The clean and dry air is then passes through a molecular sieve where nitrogen gets trapped. Hence most of the nitrogen gets adsorbed and the vessel is occupied with oxygen. It should be noted that when the quantity of oxygen is reducing, that means the sieve can no longer accommodate nitrogen. At this time the flow of air is stopped and pressure is reduced by vacuum pump.


1) It is cost effective.

2) It requires low energy.

3) It is highly efficient.

4) It yields up to 95% purity of oxygen.

Oxygen generators plants have acquired a market value amongst industries. The generators are now widely used in many industries. The benefit of PSA or VPSA process is that they can be automated by opening and closing of valves in the vessel system. They do not require the use of very high energy or capital unlike cryogenic distillation process.

Oxygen generator plants exactly know that they are much in demand these days. There is various application of extracting by PSA and VPAS processes. The major use of oxygen is in the enrichment of air combustion for use in fuel fired furnace and kilns. Oxygen enrichment is used in processes that require very high temperature for eg. in the manufacturing of glass, cement, ceramic, coal extraction, insulators.

Oxygen is versatile in use. It is an oxidizing agent and acts as a catalyst makes it an important product in the market. It is used in mining industries and metal extraction making the process very efficient financially. Oxygen holds a place in pharmaceuticals and hospitals. Breathing apparatus are using oxygen for treating patients and those suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Many celebrities make use of oxygen facial and spa for skin treatment.

It is an important life sustaining gas. With the increase in pollution, oxygen is the main component of breathing aid. With the all over development of industrialization, oxygen is one of the key elements that have many uses. Mining industries are blooming where oxygen is the main catalyst, due to this it is a booster in the growth for oxygen generator plants.

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