Since the time of industrialization, handling pollutants, dust particles and debris has always been a problem that has been difficult to tackle. Leaving these particles in the environment is surely not done and it is important to deal with it anyhow. Hence we have cyclone dust collector that works on an amazing principle of centrifugal force that helps in gulping particulate matter and debris. It is specially designed to separate and capture dust or debris particles that are created due to machine operations.


Most of the time industrialists or vendors don’t know which type of cyclone dust collector may be best for you. In such a case, it is best to get in touch with one of the best manufacturer and supplier of cyclone dust collector so that you get the best according to your need. It is important to know that a cyclone dust collector does separation via two stages.  The collection of debris or dust particles occur over two stages; the first one is where heavier particles and debris are gathered and the other one where fine particles are collected.


The flow of air pressure that either form downward spiral or centrifugal vortex helps in aggregation of particles according to their size. The pressurized air stream flow allows large sized particles into the primary collection point whereas the fine-sized particles move to a secondary collection point.  The supplier of cyclone dust collectors claims that it is a boon to industries and even those that are involved in wood cutting because the collection of dust is made easy with its presence. Moreover, there are two different chambers where particulates are collected therefore each chamber can be cleaned separately and the particles can be then treated accordingly.  The dust cloud usually formed when emptying collector bag is avoided in case of cyclone dust collector because the primary collection point has larger particles hence emptying and cleaning is comparatively easy. The particles are captured due to air stream that works on centrifugal force; hence the chances of particles adhering to the bag filter is highly reduced therefore filters are highly breathable and have a longer life.

Trimech India is one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of cyclone dust collector and it offers a range of collectors that can be installed according to the industrial need. For more information do get in touch with our team and we shall help you in keeping the environment and ambiance clean.

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