The Most Preferred: Conventional Cyclone Dust Collector

With increasing urbanization, Dust release issues make up a high coalition. An Optimum way to cutback with dust wastes is the Cyclone Dust collector. Cyclone Dust Collectors is a customary approach to fix dust problems considerably, resulted by high profile machineries that amplify dusts. Cyclone systems are widely demanded by numerous industries pharmaceutical, cosmetics, engineering and petrochemical. These Dust collectors have a prolonged sustainability.

The Formation

Cyclone Dust Collectors have commodious drums, conical shaped. They have metal tubes ducted over to top for suction of the impure air surroundings. The system is designed as such that the force running inside can be formulated according to the ideals of dust capacity restoring, depending on factors such as height to width ratio, Fan curve, water pressure drop and diameter inside. The involute diameter is a prior part of cyclone dust collection system. It initiates the cyclonic action of the dusty air that enters in through the metal ducts. This allows the clean air vortex to escape exclusively.

The Phenomena

A traditional Cyclone Dust Collector isolates tiny particles in the air by particle gravity. It filtrates dust by resorting centripetal force. It basically deals with buoyant force indulging in light weight particles.  As gravity is not robust enough to pull the light weight particles downwards, only weighted dust particles attracts the dust pool. The centrifugal force creates a spiral attraction of the cyclone, there by draining clean air outside. With an easy design characteristic, this traditional Dust collector would withstand a notably high filtering efficiency for a substantially coarse dust particle filled air.

The Characteristics

  • Prudent and Cost-effective solution to the most common dust collection problems
  • Best for lofty dust outputs
  • Precision-designed with Air-tight dust receiver
  • Superior performance
  • Reliable operations
  • Preliminary treatment for more coarse dust particle surrounding
  • Heavy-duty mode with a long life and low maintenance solution

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