PSA Nitrogen generators for Milk and milk products packaging

PSA Nitrogen generators for Milk

You buy milk or milk products for the market, right? Almost all the time, you have come fresh milk or milk products. Milk and milk products manufacturers and suppliers make use of nitrogen gas to keep the product safe and fresh. Eatables and food items are sensitive to oxygen and they can be easily oxidized. If the oxidation occurs then the milk and milk products will become stale. Therefore, to avoid this situation, Nitrogen gas is flushed to prevent milk or milk products from going rancid. Trimech India is a manufacturer and producer of PSA Nitrogen that is specially made to be used in food grade.

Why Nitrogen is used?

  • Milk and milk product packaging needs a different atmosphere. The presence of inert nitrogen gas will sustain its freshness and increase shelf life.
  • The normal atmosphere contains oxygen that leads to deterioration of the product. To minimize that process, nitrogen gas is flushed so that oxidation can be prevented.
  • It prevents the alteration of the physical and chemical nature of the product. Milk and milk products have a sensitive nature. It can be prevented by making use of Nitrogen gas for its preservation.
  • Micro-organisms love food/milk/milk products hence it is important to ban them completely. Keeping oxygen away from the milk/milk products will eventually lead to de-motivation of microbial growth.

PSA Nitrogen generators for Milk

Nitrogen gas or PSA Nitrogen generator

The above mentioned points suggest that it is necessary to have nitrogen flush for food items. But what do you think is more convenient? Is it Nitrogen gas cylinders that you should be ordering now and then or you should go for PSA nitrogen generators? Let’s make it clear to you all the readers.

Nitrogen gas cylindersPSA Nitrogen generators
AvailabilitySometimes you run out of cylinders if you have not placed an order on timeWhen you have an on-site Nitrogen generator then you never run out of the gas.
CostIt is expensive to buy cylinders are more expensive. It includes many other costs like tax, transportation, handling, etc,.The initial installation process may look costly but it is worth it because you get all that you have paid for.
InventoryIt becomes necessary to file the incoming numbers, used and returned cylinders to make paymentsSince it is your Nitrogen generator plant, you don’t have to worry about making payments. 
Purity Since it is to be used for packaging food/ milk, it has to be pure. Sometimes you may not get required %purity when you buy cylinders.When you have your nitrogen generator, you can decide the %purity that you want. You can produce that quality of nitrogen and make it purposeful.
SafetySometimes the handling of cylinders may become risky. There are chances of hurting or other mishaps.It is safe. All you need is plant maintenance. You are far away from handling issues. 

The on-site Nitrogen generator is one simple yet smart solution to have pure and cost-effective Nitrogen gas for utility. The generators are efficient in producing Nitrogen gas of required grade and in the quality that we need.

Trimech India is a manufacturer of PSA Nitrogen gas and along with that it provides its customers with grade of Nitrogen gas that will be useful to them. If you are looking forward to having a PSA Nitrogen generator in your industrial premises, then you can get in touch with our team.

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