Rotary Airlock Valves

A Rotary Airlock Valve is suitable for air lock applications such as cyclone dust collection, rotary valves, rotary airlock storage devices and gravity discharge of filters. They also can be helpful in precision feeders for continuous dense phase and dilute phase and pneumatic conveying systems.

A rotary Airlock Valve is used in bulk handling systems for applications such as pellets form of material, granular, crystal or free flowing dry powder. It is generally fitted below Bins / ESP / Bag filter / Silos / Hopper / Screw Conveyor / Chain Conveyor etc.


The function of a Rotary Airlock Valve is to provide a rated Drop-through discharge, which determines the capacity and size of Rotary Airlock Valve. Other function is to seal and prevent the possibility of back flow of material in a pressurized room.


A rotary airlock valve should be selected on the basis of factors such as flow-ability of material, desired capacity and material density. Dust characteristics and temperature of dust decide the material of construction of a rotary air lock valve.

Technical Details
• Capacity from 1 TPH to 300 TPH
• Can also be supplied in castings for the smaller sizes
• Mild steel body, lined with hard plate material
• The deep groove ball bearings

Application Area
• Can be used for handling various materials such as pharmaceuticals, cereal, coffee, lime, gypsum, floor, ash, fly, dust, plastics, grains, minerals, sugar, ore, cement etc.
• It is also best suited for different industries such as power, food grains, paper, textile, mineral process, mining, chemicals, cement etc.

Salient features
• Good throat opening at valve entry which allows high pocket filling efficiency
• Heavy shaft diameters which minimizes deflection
• Packing glad type sealing
• Compact and robust design
• Sides with body
• Provides better sealing by air purging provision
• Minimum clearance at rotor tips
• Different combinations of rotor vanes to meet your requirements
• Precision engineered systems

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