The smallest of things in a mechanism can be of huge importance such a slide gate valve and if we give a thought to it then we can understand that having a good quality slide gate valve can be advantageous. In a process of dry bulk handling materials, slide gates are used to separate material while they are flowing hence valves play an important role in the opening and closing of slide gates. They are valves designed so precisely that it works with minimum resistance and in linear motion that flat plate slides into the directed air flow. Slide gate valves comes as per the requirement and it depends upon how and what type of material is to be used. Lets get to know some relevant points about how to choose a correct slide gate valve for your industry from one of the leading manufacturer of valves.

Trimech India is one of the best supplier and manufacturer of valves and they some best information on how you can choose quality of valves for your industrial need. The most important criteria to keep in mind are that it should be sturdy and durable so that it does not require replacement that often.

  • Quality: As an ace manufacturer and supplier of valves, it is our understanding that one should never compromise on quality because a good quality will have longer lifespan. The durability of valves is important because if the quality is not up to the mark then wear and tear in the valve will become quite common.
  • Installation and maintenance: Always look for installation procedures of valves because it may not be possible to call an expert for installation not because they may not come but because you do not want to spend time waiting for them. Choose valve manufacturers who makes valve that are easy to install and importantly easy to maintain too. As a supplier and manufacturer of slide gate valve, we recommend that one must choose slide gate valves that require maintenance on a lower side.
  • Sturdy and strong: It does not matter what part of an entire mechanism it is, whether big or small, it needs to be strong and sturdy. Slide gate valves are important part of the entire separation process and the opening and shutting of gate on time entirely depends upon the valve; hence choose a structure of valve that is strong and that does not demands wear and tear.
  • Wide plate opening: The opening and shutting off of the gate is controlled with the help of valve and this mechanism leads to flow of the material. A wide plate opening can help in bulk and easy discharge of the material and speeds up the process.

Trimech India bears in mind a complete customer requirement and manufactures the best quality of slide gate valves. We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of slide gate valves and we can assist you in picking up a right one for you.

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