The most innovative machine design: Screw Metering Bins

You can easily guess that fuel is the most important, and for screw components like screw metering bins are the main components for any metering. The consumption of fuel should be in proper quantity. Trimech India is one of the best company for screw conveyor manufacturer to supply these kind of products with a 100% satisfactory response from their client’s.

Precision and accuracy are key, and those come from thoughtful, deliberate, and effective engineering and design. Finding screw metering bins that meet this criteria is crucial for solid combustion rates and lower emissions.

Our unique design eliminates common issues with screw metering bins and helps ensure consistency in performance.

Custom design is the best thing that you can offer to client as that get them to have the product uniquely engineered for your needs and specifications.

Our custom-designed screw metering bins include several features, such as:

  • Minimal plugging
  • Fewer interruptions of fuel feed from the main storage area
  • Variable speed controlled screws
  • Abrasion-resistant ceramic coating or chromium carbide overlay

Screw metering bins not only need to meet specs and last a long time; they also need to offer precise control.

Our bins give a plant the ability to meter fuel into the fuel combustion area for a variety of firing rates in a precise and controlled manner. More precision and control means less fuel wasted and more consistent combustion – as well as lower boiler emissions overall.

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