Trimech India is one of the leading Dust Collector Manufacturer and Supplier of custom made Dust Collection System for years now. It has the best team of engineers with magnificent in-house design facility providing its clients with the best experience. Trimech India includes planning on individual projects as well as establishment of suitable Dust Collection System for various applications.

The process by which a Dust collector Manufacturer and Supplier works or rather say a Dust Collection System works is very simple. The process is as follows:-

  • To begin with the dust must be detained with the use of devices such as capture hoods to clasp dust at its source of origin. Dust can be detained from different sources by using n number of hoods.
  • After that, the dust must be transferred via a ducting system, properly sized and manifold. This is done to maintain a consistent minimum air velocity required in order to keep the dust in suspension for conveyance to the collection device. If the duct is of the wrong size then it can lead to a series of consequences.

For example: It can lead to material settling in the duct system and hence clogging it.

  • At the end of the stage, the dust is collected by a variety of means. But the collection entirely depends on the application and the dust being handled.

A Dust Collection System is a system where the quality of air is improved. This system can be used in various industries in order to improve the breathable air quality as well as bring safety by removing the impure matter from the air and environment.

The process can be as simple as a basic pass-through bag filter, a cyclonic separator or it can also be as complex as an electrostatic precipitator, a multistage bag house, or a chemically treated wet scrubber. However, Trimech India pulls the process off really well. Trimech India focuses well on the durability and cost effective system to produce the best performance for various industrial applications.

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