You can never overlook the value of Oxygen and Nitrogen gases, for sustaining in this world. They both contribute to the environment for better living and working. Nitrogen is present in the atmosphere as 78%, whereas Oxygen as 21%.

Nitrogen gas helps in formation of many acids, explosives etc., and in many other wide range of areas. Whereas, Oxygen gas is also used to form chemicals, and is used in medical, chemical, industrial procedures etc.

Trimech is the most popular Company, which manufactures best quality Oxygen plants, along with supplying utmost beneficial Nitrogen gas plants, for your all type of requirements, related to your industry or occupation, at affordable rates.

Trimech manufactures Oxygen plants, with following special characteristics:

  • Provides simple installation and best functionality
  • Contains automation as1w+1s
  • Offers additional filtration level
  • Ready to anytime produce Oxygen, as per the industrial need
  • Provides free services for 2 years
  • Saves your manual efforts and time, by having fully automated functioning
  • Uses rotameter for exhibiting by pass arrangement
  • Capable of attaining required due point, by using distinct air dryer

Trimech supplies best Nitrogen plants, with following benefits and applications:

  • Eliminates adulteration and waste easily
  • Saves boiler tubes by clearing them, as these get corroded, when comes in contact with Oxygen, in cooling towers
  • Provides enough safety to air bags
  • Offers smoothest transfer of liquids from pipelines
  • Capable of being used as supervisory gas in sprayer systems, for eliminating corrosion
  • Used for forming ingredients, to be used in aerospace and aircraft
  • Helps in providing better life cycle, and smoothness to tires, by preventing gases from it, to be leaked out

Choose best Nitrogen and Oxygen plant manufacturer, none other than Trimech, and be safe and efficient all the times.

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