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You might be aware of the numerous benefits offered by Oxygen gas, some of which are:

  • Used in preparing chemicals like sulfuric acid, nitric acid etc.
  • Helps in industrial, chemical and medical procedures
  • Uses related to metals : Melting, Welding and Cutting

By understanding these important benefits of Oxygen gas,Trimech Company manufactures the best quality Oxygen gas plants. After production of these gases, these can be stored in cylinders or tanks etc. for its further usage, whenever required.

This plants work on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) mechanism, which helps in separating Nitrogen gas, and collecting Oxygen gas for further applications.

Oxygen gas which is produced after the process of PSA, is distributed to the customers, by using pressure reducing valves, at the needed pressure.

Try and understand the specialties of Trimech, in manufacturing and providing Oxygen gas plants, which will help you in taking your decisions:

  1. Convenient installation process
  2. Free facility for maintenance
  3. 92 – 95% wholesome Oxygen gas production
  4. Contains rotameter with bypass arrangement
  5. Efficient in achieving enhanced due point, with the help of separate air dryer, without involving pressure or purge drops etc.
  6. All the systems are fully automated, for saving time and efforts
  7. Comprises 2 kinds of automation as 1w+1s
  8. Offers additional filtration level,and oil content after filtration level becomes 003 ppm
  9. Anytime,easy oxygen generation as per your need

A wrong or faulty Oxygen plant, can lead to hazardous after effects, on your industry and lives.

And, when it is time to choose for safety and well being your own industry, how can you take a big risk?

Think twice about the specialties of Trimech and opt us, for better reliability and long term benefits.

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