Trimech India at the Biggest Food Machinery Sector Trade Expo – Khadhya Khurak 2017

Khadhya Khurak 2017

Once Again, Commercial Food Processing Trade meets a Global Pursuit. With Modern Urbanization, Food Processing has accelerated tremendously over market values. Indian Food Processing market has a favorable insistence with respect to the strategic geographic location and proximity to food importing. Also, a Fixed Capital Investment in Food Processing Sector of India can be witnessed a stable growth rate of 6%. A Make-In-India, Nation Building initiative launched by the Prime Minister in 2014 has made a long chase in Food processing Sectors. And with that ‘Khimashia Associates’ has made a powerful and galvanizing call to Food Sector Professional, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers Suppliers, Decision Makers to exhibit technological resources of food Processing.

Food Processing Industry has a prime motto with rising Food Demands according to the figures expected to rise as far as 40% of food call among the middle class food demand by 2030. Being a landmark of the Food Industry, a multi-valued manifestation Exhibition – “Khadhya Khurak 2017” is the 14th Edition Trade Fair into innovative Food Processing Resources. And, We at Trimech India are most delighted to serve our dynamic machinery expo at our very own “Khadhya Khurak 2017”. Khadhya Khurak 2017 – will premiere the FOOD OF INDIA Expo by top Ideas, Solutions, and Technologies to Ace Food Processing alternatives.

Khadhya Khurak 2017 – will have an ambitious takeoff dated 3rd January, 2017 up till 6th of January making an awe-inspiring grandiose for the Food Processing Sectors. With a concurrency of numerous Technological Exhibitors like the Manufacturers of Food Processing Equipments, Production policy makers for Beverages, Sweets, Edible Oils & Flavors, Refrigeration Units, Confectionery, Gruh Udhyog, Health Foods, Organic Foods and Spices, the Expo eyes on Fastest Growing and performance oriented industrial resources.

Trimech India, with fascinating 8 years in Technical Excellence and High Standard innovativeness, we made into Khadhya Khurak 2017 to deliver technological wealth and support systems in the area of Industrial Plants & Machinery. Our premier area of manufacture has been for Air Gas Equipments, Material Handling Equipment, Air Pollution Equipment, and Nitrogen Plants for different associative areas like Science, Food-Processing Trade, Industry, Medicine, and R&D. Our Innovative Resources for Industrial advancements will be demonstrated at ‘A (17-18)’ Khadhya Khurak Expo 2017. Be a part of this Innovative Fair – Khadhya Khurak 2017 to embrace Quality Resource Amenities at Ahmedabad.

The Khadhya Khurak Expo – 2017, is a dedicated food industry expo commencing on 3rd – 6th January ’17, at Ahmedabad Education Society Ground, Drive-in road, Near Helmet Cross Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. A technological Event Hosted by Khimashia Associates.

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