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Conveyor systems are designed, by keeping your utmost safety and convenience in mind. These are used for carrying and placing heavyweight supplies, from one port to another port in industries, for carrying out further procedures smoothly.

These are obtainable with different categories, like Pneumatic conveying systems and Mechanical conveying systems, with their sub categories, which all have their different features and benefits.

If you decide to opt for Screw conveyors, which are sub category of Mechanical conveying systems, then you can definitely get much features and benefits.

Screw conveyors are used mainly for transferring liquid supplies, and also supplies which are non – easily flowing, and faces difficulty in passing through roller and bucket systems.

Different applications which make them unique are:

  • These allow supplies to flow horizontally, vertically or straight, as these contains screw, which forces supplies into various directions, through the tubes.
  • These can be used in any large or smaller spaces, as these occupy very less space for functioning.
  • These are considered to be, most reasonable systems.
  • These have the capability to discharge materials from several release points, for supplying supplies at different places at same time.
  • These handle supplies carefully without being destroyed or dropped down.
  • These can be also used for breaking heavy lumps into pieces, and also for merging numerous supplies.
  • These can be modified to form shaftless screw conveyorand screw feeders, which are used for different applications, like for carrying mud etc.
  • These are also used for cooling, drying and heating supplies for transportation.
  • These impart lockage of air in required operations.
  • These are also used in chemical processes, for holding internal pressure.

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