What are the use of medical oxygen?

Use of Medical Oxygen

What if someone asks you about how much important air is to you? You surely know the importance of air around you and one of the most important components of air is Oxygen. Respiration is one of involuntary function for all the living beings and oxygen is one gas needed for respiration. No living life on this earth can survive in the absence of oxygen hence we can say that it is vital gas for life. The importance of oxygen cannot be denied because not only for living but oxygen is widely used in many other sectors in today’s era. Oxygen is an important part of health care and medical sectors because it is used for saving lives by various modes.

If we are to discuss about the uses of oxygen in the medical field then the list goes endless as nowadays it is regarded as one of the most important gases in hospitals. Oxygen can be administered to patients in different ways like Nasal cannula, face mask, and hyperbaric chamber.


Oxygen therapy can be given in cases like low blood oxygen, carbon monoxide toxicity, to maintain oxygen level when anesthesia is given. It can also be given for a longer period of time when the patient suffers from cystic fibrosis or has chronically low oxygen index. It is important to know that air naturally contains 21% of oxygen but when patients are chronically ill and deprived of oxygen, they need to be given outsourced oxygen to help their life process and metabolism to be kept at optimum level.

The hospitals have oxygen cylinders mostly handy because sometimes even with milder accident cases oxygen supply have to be given. It is artificially given through ventilator to support the lungs. It is also supplied to the body in case of tissue worn out because an ample amount of oxygen helps in tissue restoration quickly.

Importance of Oxygen Gas

While we list all the uses and importance of oxygen gas, it should also be known and noted that more than the required amount of oxygen can be risky. When it comes to the administration of oxygen to infants, one has to be really careful because an excess of oxygen given can lead to blindness due to overgrown blood vessels that obstruct the vision. The amount of oxygen artificially given to patients with emphysema and chronic bronchitis should be closely monitored as increase value can prove fatal to their life.

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