Use of Bucket Elevators in various industries

Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevator is a necessity when it comes to material handling. The transportation of heavy to lightweight objects needs a bucket elevator. Just as material handling needs a conveyor, bucket elevator is as much in need. There are two types of bucket elevators:

1) Centrifugal Bucket Elevator.

2) Continuous Bucket Elevator.

They both have different designs therefore they both have different applications. Trimech India is a manufacturer and supplier of Bucket Elevators. You can avail all the information from our team.

Centrifugal Bucket Elevator:

They are mostly used when we want to handle free-flowing materials like grains, clay, sugar, cement, or any other powdered material. These buckets use relatively higher force to move and it evacuates itself using centrifugal force.

Continuous Bucket Elevator:

When the material type is heavy or abrasive then Continuous Bucket Elevator is used. These buckets are traveling at a low speed. It makes use of gravitational force to unload the bucket.

IndustriesCentrifugal Bucket ElevatorContinuous Bucket Elevator
BiomassUsed in the front end in the processUsed in the back end in the process
CementIdeally used for handling powdered cementIdeal for transporting clinker
GlassThey are not used hereThey are used as glass is abrasive and degrades very slow
Minerals and miningMostly used after the product is finishedUsed for handling rough particles, abrasive natured and friable
Ports and TerminalsUsed to ensure smooth transportation of the materialNot preferred to use
Fertilizer Used when handling granular materialsUsed while handling non-granular material
Power industryMostly used for transporting fuelsIdeal for transferring materials like ash or limestone
PaperIt handles lower volume of non abrasive materials.Transports unused wood waste or ash back in the process

Most of the industries today are making use of conveyors for material handling. Not all the products can pass through the conveyor. Therefore, the bucket elevator is used to ease the handling of materials, either lightweight or heavyweight. It has the efficiency to transport materials of all the types depending upon the nature of the material. The vertical transfer is made easy with the help of a bucket elevator.

Bucket ElevatorsFor all your queries related to bucket elevators; you can get in touch with our team at Trimech India. Our experts will be happy to help you and provide you with all the details regarding the product.

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