Ways to reduce screw conveyor cost

Reduce Screw Conveyer Cost

Let your screw conveyor identify the particle that you want to transport. When you want vertical conveying of the material then it is best to do it with a screw conveyor. It effectively transports materials without any spillage and ensures complete material transport. The materials are not lost in the process of transportation. Screw conveyors are boon to industries and manufacturers like Trimech India can customize it as per your need. It is easy to cut down the cost of screw conveyors depending upon the utility and working. We can throw some light on how one can reduce screw conveyor cost. 

Screw Conveyer

Flexible and friendly screw conveyor is a concern for all the buyers and we at Trimech take care of it. Such features instilled at the time of manufacturing the conveyor will look after the costing too.

  • Know the capacity you need: screw conveyors can come in different capacities and it is recommended to discuss it. With each changing material type, the capacity of the screw conveyor can be changed. Ask the supplier about it and you can easily save on it.
  • Knowing the distance: you need to know how much distance the material has to cover. Therefore, choose a conveyor size accordingly so that you are not spending more than required.
  • Type of screw: You should ask for the right type of screw so as to reduce the cost-effectiveness. It is the coordination between your product and the conveyor so that the process becomes smooth and cost-friendly.
    • Round spirals: they are mostly used in many industries and it is effective in reducing friction.
    • Flat spirals: do you have a lightweight, aerated, and superfine product? Take our flat screw spirals to work and get the desired results.
    • Beveled spirals: have this type of screw installed when you have to handle difficult materials like chocolates, iron oxide, etc.
    • Double-spirals: these are recommended when you have to deal with the heavy-density product.
    • Polished spirals: a food-grade material transport asks for polished spirals as they need to be transported cleanly.
  • Type of tube used for conveying: You need the right tube conveyor depending upon the product and its type. There are many options available and experienced suppliers/manufacturers like Trimech and guide you through the process. You can ask for food-grade tubes, antistatic polymer tubes, abrasion-resistant material tube, or steel tube for the type of product that you have to transport.
  • Where to have screw conveyor fixed: screw conveyor can scroll through the inner or outer walls of your plant depending upon where they need to transport material. As an industrialist, you can just drop in your concern with us and our team shall address your query soon.
  • Components installation: your screw conveyor needs some fixed components for effective functioning. You can reduce or increase its capacity depending upon the outcome you are looking for.

Here’s all you may want to know about the screw conveyor and its effective cost reductions with respect to your material type. Our team at Trimech India will discuss with you and assist you in choosing/customizing a screw conveyor as per your requirement. You can talk to our advisors and know what is most suitable for you.

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