What are the factors you must consider for selecting a conveyor system?

There are few things you must need to know before you purchase any kind of conveyor system. Trimech India is one of the best industry in this domain who is a best conveyor manufacturer and supplier industry in India.

Let us go through one by one through each of the points.

What is the product kind?

Conveyors for material handling of bulk product are more rugged. Also it more often requires the products which works with more precision.

How does surrounding equipment interact with the product riding on the conveyor

Conveyor class 1 includes the proper handling of material where the conveyor serves as an artery. The second class conveyors includes that act as bridges to take product transferring from one to another location. The Class 3 conveyors includes the materials into or out of machines or stations. The next class conveyor i.e class 4 includes the conveyor that run right through machinery.

These last classes do require proper positioning. Also custom work piece pucks to steady product while machines perform work on the product pieces.

Does the application require the conveyor system to have inclines?

So just make sure for the conveyor curveswhich enclose material or product onto the conveyor.

Is it important for the application to be sanitary?

Look for rugged or wash-down ready conveyors with open frames.

So here the answer all you are looking for.ac

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