Why it is important to have onsite oxygen generator in hospitals during COVID – 19?

Onsite Oxygen Generator in Hospitals during COVID

Trimech India feels the need of having onsite oxygen generators for hospitals in this critical situation of COVID-19. The rapid spread of the infectious Coronavirus has led the hospitals bed be occupied by the positively tested patients. In this scenario, people who are highly infected by the virus will need oxygen support from external source. 

Trimech India is a manufacturer and supplier of onsite PSA oxygen generators with all the specifications and requirement of the hospitals. At this time, having supplies of oxygen cylinders may not be sufficient by the hospitals as they are dealing with huge number of patients. There are possibilities of the oxygen generators being used up at a faster rate and hospitals may run short of cylinders.

Though, the transportation of the essential goods is permitted but our team at Trimech India thinks that it is best to have oxygen generators at the premises itself. In this time of crisis, the hospital staff is busy in handling the patients of Coronavirus and others too. Therefore the need arises to install own PSA oxygen generators to ensure the flow of oxygen to go on. 

The hospital’s own oxygen generators will help the hospital staff to be ensured about the oxygen supply at all times. The availability of pure oxygen at all time and without any interruption will boost the confidence of the health care workers as they know that they will not be deprived of the oxygen supply. Trimech India is in the favor of installing PSA oxygen generator and we shall do all that is needful in helping you to set up the oxygen generator at your hospital premises.

We believe in the health and safety of the health care workers and the patients. Hence in order to have the constant flow of oxygen available to ensure that patients are treated well, do think on the installation of PSA oxygen generator.

You can get in touch with our team at Trimech India for further details. We stand by all the hospitals and other who need set up of PSA oxygen generator at this time. Let’s defeat COVID-19 pandemic and wish for a better and healthy world.

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