4 Air Pollution Control Equipments: Types and Uses

Air Pollution Control EquipmentsAir pollution is a threat to nature and due to rapid industrialization; it is the need of an hour to control air pollution. When so many industries emit our particulate pollutants and contaminate the air; Trimech India is a manufacturer and supplier of equipments that control air pollution. We understand that growth of nation is directly proportional to the development of industries hence there is a need of equipments that will control airborne pollutants. Let’s see some of the pollutant controlling devices that an industry must have.

1. Bag filters: The bag filter is divided into several parts and each part contains a sewn filter bag that will separate the particles during the process. The captured particles and dust get layered over the cloth and as the layer thickens, it should be removed for cleaning so that it can work with better efficiency.

Uses: Bag filters are used in petrochemical, chemical, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics, metal working, food and beverages, and other types of industries.

2. Dust collector: There are different types of dust collectors available and it is best to get in touch with our team at Trimech India to know which one will be applicable for your industry. Dust collector works with great efficiency in trapping minute particles that will lead to pollution and smog formation. It is also necessary because it is related to the safety of workers, maintaining cleanliness, health and hygiene and providing with better quality of products.

Dust controller Air Pollution Control Equipments

Uses: Dust collector is used wood working, food processing, pharmaceuticals, painting and powder coating, and other industries where the emitting particles are really minute sized.

3. Cyclone: The working of cyclone dust collector is yet so simple. It works on the principle of centralizing the air mixture, forming a vortex and entering the device. It uses method of cyclonic separation to separate particles without the use of filters.

Uses: They are used in power plants and several industries like pulp and paper plant, cement plant, petroleum and coke industry, metallurgical plant, saw mills, and other units.

4. Ash conditioner: It is basically ash un-loader and they are specialized in handling ash before the working of the system. It separates ash and mixed it water which is then released into the pan. Ash is a minute polluting particle that will create pollution hence in order to avoid this, ash conditioners are used. 

Uses: They are widely used in Thermal power station and sponge iron industry.

With the use of equipments that controls air pollution, industries can do their bit to prevent as much as possible air pollution. Industrialization cannot be stopped but the way pollutants are emitted out can be controlled. Trimech India is a manufacturer and supplier of equipments that controls air pollution; you can get in touch with our team so that they can give you complete guidance. Let’s get together to keep our environment clean and hygienic for everyone. Contact us for more information.

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