5 Advantages of Lump Breaker

Lump Breaker

Modern industries make use of technology and mechanics to drive their production. A faster production means better income. Therefore many of the automations are used in the industries these days. One such wonder equipment is the Lump Breaker. Lump breaker sounds simple but it is of great use and many of the largest manufacturers are handling lump breakers very easily. The Trimech India lump breakers are economical, easily available and ask for a low maintenance. However, if you happen to have any grievance or error with its working then our expert’s are much here to help you.

Lump Breaker

  • The lump and agglomerates form in some of the compounds or products. Therefore the manufacturer or some of the items like coal, gypsum, detergents, herbicides, sugar, salt, soda ash, and many others will need a lump breaker. As these items form lumps easily, there is an impact on their flow. To ensure that this does not happen and there is a free flow, a lump breaker is recommended.
  • Some of the materials are found in larger size than in demand. To reduce the size of the material as per the market expectations; it is important to crush those material and make them in smaller size. At times with reduced size, transportation becomes easy. Therefore, industries will need a lump breaker in such a situation.
  • In some of the situations the particles form lumps after transportation. However, it is not viable to supply lumped material to the buyer. Hence to break those lumps and ensure that the material gains its property of free-flowing, a lump breaker is needed.
  • The breakage of lumps and reducing size of the material also helps in efficient conveyance. It is true that materials without agglomerates and lumps are easy to handle on a belt conveyor or in transportation.
  • A proper sizing of the material is important to let it undergo a necessary process. A smaller size particle will have larger surface area. Particles with larger surface area can readily involve in the chemical/mechanical process. Therefore, having a lump breaker becomes important here.

Lump BreakerTrimech India is the manufacturer and supplier if Lump Breaker all over the map. One can get a customized version of the lump breaker too. Hence if you are puzzled and confusion has taken over then you can get in touch with our team who are always happy to help.

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