5 Things you didn’t know about Material Handling equipment

5 Things you didn’t know about Material Handling equipment

Most industries these days are in need of material handling. However, it is a bit of a task to find the best one. Trimech India is one of the manufacturers and suppliers of material handling equipment. To date, there are many industries that we have served. We are into this industry for many years now and we have mastered this so far. We cater to different types of requirements of the industry and help them choose a conveyor best suitable to them. Here are a few points to note before purchasing material handling equipment.

  • Always look for a vendor-partner: Well, do you want to fall into the hassle of purchasing once, maintaining it repeatedly, getting rid of it, and again spending on its purchase? No, right? That is why you must not just buy from any supplier but the one that will be there for you when you seek assistance. It may be a bit on the higher side on your pocket. However, remember that you are not buying a pair of clothes but equipment that you need for a longer time. 
  • Spend on the need: There is a constant conflict between accounts and the operation team. The account team doesn’t pay generously while the operation team needs it desperately. There is always a tug of war in terms of money. But, as an industry owner, you must invest in the right material handling equipment. Remember that it is a one-time spend only. Material handling equipment from Trimech India is a great choice. It will eventually pay for itself.
  • It’s different from what it looks: There are a few material handling equipments that will look easy to go and operate. For a few of them, you will feel like it does not need any maintenance. But, it is not so. You must look through it thoroughly because you may think that it is cost-effective but it may not turn out to be as you start using it. We don’t mean to say that you must look for cheap options but look for the one that sustains.

  • Be technologically sound: The days are gone when manual and mechanical work without technology was in use. Nowadays that seems almost impossible. Material handling techniques will need to embrace technology. The traditional method does not work anymore because there are chances of losing out on something or the other. Therefore, keep yourself open to technology which will eventually lead to development. Technology will bring more potential to the equipment and yield better.
  • Number accuracy: Few warehouses have either more or a few material handling equipment. If you have few then it can lead to stress on the premises and if you have many then it could be a waste of investment. To avoid such a situation, ask your vendor how much will be enough for your warehouse/ industry. Trimech India can do that for your industry. We can calculate the number that will be sufficient for your industry. Do count on this point because you may not be aware of this one as far as we know.

Are these tips of any use to you? Material handling is important but having the correct type and analysis of it is even more important. Get in touch with our team of experts. We will help you clear the confusion and answer your doubts.


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