Material Handling Equipments: types and uses


Material handling equipments are used for the movement, storage, control and protection of the goods and the products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal. These are the mechanical equipments and Trimech India is the finest Material handling equipment supplier and manufacturer; the material handling equipment we supply and manufacture are:

Air Pollution Controlling Equipments

These equipments are specialized for purification of the air, so that the air pollution can be controlled. There are many products which need the fresh air supply without any dust particles suspended in the air, during such situations these equipments are used. Trimech India is leading manufacturer and supplier of various air pollution control equipment such as bag filters, dust collectors, blowers, etc. These material handling equipments are used in the various industries such as chemical industry, paper and pulp industry, cement industry etc.


Industrial valves are the devices used for regulating, directing or controlling the flow of the products by opening, closing or partially obstructing various passages. At Trimech India we manufacture various industrial valve, rotary airlock valve, side gate valve and diverter valves.

Rotary airlock valve: These are a type of rotary feeder and are used for the feeding and metering purpose, but their primary necessity is to maintain the optimal pressure between different product conveying transitions.

Diverter valves: These valves as the name suggests, diverts the material from one source to many destinations.

Side gate: These valves allow or inhibit the flow of fluid or product by the means of gate in form of wedge or disc between the body parts.

Conveyer systems

It is the most common material handling equipment that moves the material or product from one place to another. Trimech India is renowned for the pneumatic conveyer systems; we manufacture bucket elevators of world class quality. Conveyer systems are best for transporting the material at long distances as they are highly reliable and operates at low cost.

After years of engineering and manufacturing Trimech India is one of the leading material handling equipment manufacturer and supplier over the country and abroad. We are delighted to serve our clients with experienced professional team.

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