5 Tips for Efficient Dust Collection Project

A dust collection system is a must have equipment for any production facility. It would be nice if its installation could go efficiently so that the dust collection project may offer different benefits like increased manufacturing effectiveness, safer and cleaner working environment etc.

So today we have brought eight tips that will help you to ensure your project just goes right:

  1. Try not to change the requirements after budget has been submitted

We see many time that requirements of the project changes after the budget was originally submitted. This can affect system performance as the project does not get carried out as it was expected. To avoid this, you can invite an expert dust collector supplier who can review your project requirements before you prepare your purchase order. The supplier can help explore more options to meet your requirements and even decrease the budget.

  1. Make sure that your company has established the requirement of standard components

Standard components include rotary airlock valves, gearboxes and motors, and other electrical items. Ensure that your dust collection supplier know if your company has standardized on a set of components based on your prior successes with them. This will help to make system maintenance activities easier later on.

  1. Consider involving resources beyond any engineering firm or contractor in your project

Those contractors or engineering firms does not consider key industrial ventilation engineering practices and principles while provide layouts for space. To avoid this, include an experienced dust collector supplier along with the contractor or engineering firm in a thorough review of your project drawings. That will also ensure the overall system performance.

  1. Host a kick-off meeting and ensure all stakeholders are involved

A pre-installation kick-off meeting will help you to make sure that all parties are involved in the project and everyone understand the scope of the project. This meeting will also be a platform to raise any concerns or issues they have before you actually start the project.

  1. Have the dust collector manufacturer preassemble sections at their factory if you have ordered for custom product

Preassembling of the key-sections of your dust collection system at manufacturer’s facility will eliminate the risk of wrong assembly. Custom items are difficult to understand and this will reduce some challenges of fitting the sub-sections.

We hope that above five tips will help you to carry out your dust collection system installation smoothly. If you still have any queries, you can definitely contact top dust collection suppliers and get your answers. Trimech India is always ready to help the customers in every possible way it can. You can have more information about us at www.trimechindia.com

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