5 Tips to Reduce Downtime by Maintaining Conveyor Belts Well

Many companies are faced with the daunting challenge of keeping their belt conveyor systems well maintained and running in the shrinking capital budgets and midst of a challenging economy.As we know any mechanical equipment doesn’t usually get better as the time passes.

There is always a hope of maintaining conveyors well who does not have state-of-the-art system, and luxury of upgrading to brand new equipment when they get older. So today we have brought 6 very useful tips to maintain your conveyor belts so that you don’t have to face the downtime:

1.    Maintenance Technician

One of the most common problem that conveyor belts are not well because you do not have a proper maintenance team, a team wearing tool belts. A maintenance technician is just like a doctor who take care of your machines when then get sick. You might think of saving money by not hiring a maintenance technician but believe me, you will end up spending more money if your machine suffers from downtime.

2.    Spare Parts

A downtime can halt production for a long time which you don’t want to see. So it is always a good idea to have spare parts. A mechanical part can fail at any time, and if you have a spare part to replace them, your production never stops and you can repair the failed part in time.

3.    Preventive Maintenance

Rather than waiting for conveyor belt to fail and fix it, it is always a good idea to take some preventive steps before. Different parts of your machine require different maintenance/preventive care. Here I recommend you to make a schedule and run the preventive steps on timely manner. This way you will ensure yourself maximum system uptime.

4.    System Audit & Documentation

Continuously inspecting your conveyor belts for any problem is very important. Sometimes when you do not inspect for a long period of time, you might miss on some upcoming failures and have to face the downtime. System Audit and Documentation refers to ensure your machines are not headed towards catastrophic failure.

5.    Repair Wisely

It is very important to think of required repairs while maintaining a large material handling system. These requirements can be in terms of man power, and time.The intelligent thing is to replace some parts if it is not feasible to repair them on time and within available man power. This is how you can save your money wisely.

Conveyor system maintenance is always a tough jobs for most of the companies. However, it can made easy if done properly and followed some important tips and tricks. If you have any further questions, ask Trimech India at www.trimechindia.com. We are the top belt conveyor suppliers based out of Ahmedabad.

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