5 Tips to Store Your Dust Collection Equipment Long-Term

We all know that dust collector system cannot be directly installed at the job site. You should first match fabrication and shipment of equipment and then install it.To prevent damage and preserve the operational capabilities of dust collection equipment long-term storage procedures are used.

So many industries face the problem of storing it for long-term so there should be some way to keep and protect the equipment on site for more than one month. Here are those 5 tips.

1. Cover unprotected openings

Plenums of dust collectors are fastened together to the fullest extent possible while they get shipped to job site. And suppliers use plugs, plastic or plywood to cover the openings. Always remember to leave these coverings as they are if you are going to store the unit.

Moreover, you should also cover those unprotected openings to keep them safe from snow, rain and moisture. Use plugs, plastic or wooden coverings for that.

2. Store equipment in a controlled environment

You should store equipment parts, auxiliary components, and collector housings indoor in a controlled temperature and humidity environment. To prevent humid air from damaging equipment components, you can place sorbent packs in any electrical enclosures for extended storage time.

You can also store cages, bags, collector parts indoors in a dry and enclosed sheds if sufficient storage for all equipment is not available. This way you can protect them from outdoor weather.

3. Cover paint-protected equipment

Dust collector manufacturers ship platform sections, hand railings, framing enclosure steel and structural steel support in individual component pieces. They should be painted according to the contract specifications in order to provide adequate surface protection.

The access steel and support should be stored carefully and protected by weather covering if prolonged storage is required at the job site.

4. Remember to inspect periodically

You must inspect all the stored equipment on regular basis. This will help you to monitor the integrity of the weather coverings and component condition. If you find any tears or rips in covering, repair it immediately.To prevent rain drops and a probable leak, you can affix a center pole or cross members to keep rain from pooling on top.

5. Special care for accessories

And lastly, you should always remember to take extra care for accessories like,

  • Rotary airlock valves
  • Screw conveyors and
  • Exhaust Fans

By following above 5 tips, you could be able to store your dust collector equipment very well for long-term. If you have any queries, you can contact Trimech India at www.trimechindia.com

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