7 main reasons to maintain your dust collector

Maintain your Dust Collector

Processing plants and industries release a lot of air-borne particles and dust on the premises. Therefore, they opt for the industrial dust collector to ensure that these particles do not interfere with the air quality. Moreover, with poor air quality, the workers are affected and their efficiency reduces over time. Hence, industrial dust collectors will keep the environment in good condition and ensure the safety of workers. Trimech India is one of the leading manufacturing and supplier of industrial dust collectors. With the years of experience, we have understood that why it is important to maintain your dust collector. 

We would like to throw some light to let you know why you should have dust collector maintenance. 

  • To get optimum performance: make a habit of having regular check-ups and inspection of your dust collector. Just as your body needs a check-up at regular intervals, so does your dust collector. A periodic maintenance schedule will ensure that your dust collector is performing at its best. By spending upon the maintenance, you are making a considerable saving. This is because your dust collector will then give better performance for years.
  • To capture more dust/ particles: check out for the quality of bag filters in the dust collector. The filters in the dust collector are the ones that will trap the dust/ particles and keep the environment clean. You must see to it that the filter bags are thoroughly cleaned at regular intervals so that the dust/ particles don’t get accumulated. Heavily clogged filters will reduce the working efficiency of the industrial collector.
  • To maintain the pressure: different parts of dust collectors do self-cleaning. However, at a period; we need to see that their maintenance is done. The dust collector works at a certain pressure. If the parts of the dust collectors are not cleaned then there are chances of pressure fluctuation. That is not a very good sign. It can exert load on the different parts of the dust collector and finally lead to reduced efficiency.
  • To prevent leakage: sometimes there is an unusual leakage and there are chances that it will go unnoticed. The leakage will include particulate discharge from the exhaust. It is important to monitor exhaust visually to see that these particles are not discharged in the surrounding. It can prove fatal to the health of the workers by reducing the air quality. Regular maintenance of industrial dust collectors is necessary to avoid such mishaps.
  • Upgrade requirement: an industrial dust collector may require an upgrade. An addition of some other parts or ingredients may become necessary with time. The industry may undergo some kind of change in manufacturing which may lead to an upgrade of the dust collector that you are currently using. You will come to know about this requirement only if you are looking after its maintenance.
  • Fire prevention practice: accumulation of dust particles due to any of the above reasons may lead to an unexpected fire. If your premises have a source of ignition nearby then it is best to choose a dust collector that has vertically mounted cartridges. Vertically mounted cartridges stay far from this problem. Therefore before you decide on the type of dust collector to choose, discuss this with your supplier.
  • Safety: this is one of the most important criteria to consider. Inappropriately working industrial dust collectors can lead to several problems that may be known or unknown to the owner. Accumulation of dust/dirt particles can lead to poor health of workers and bad air quality. It can lead to pollution, fire, and adverse health effect. Also, this is against the law and one needs to maintain the air quality on the premises as per the regulation.

Maintain your Dust Collector

What do you think of the dust now? They are very tiny particles but can cause a huge problem if left unattended. Therefore industry owners must keep a check on the working of the industrial dust collector. A regular check-up and maintenance is the key to having an efficiently working dust collector. 

We at Trimech India have wide experience in suggesting and customizing the kind of dust collector that you will need. You can get in touch with our team of experts to know more about it.

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