A Brief Guide on Pneumatic Conveying

Trimech India is a major leader in material handling equipment manufacturing and supplying. Being a specialist in pneumatic conveying, we present a brief guide on pneumatic conveying and its working.

First of all let us know what Pneumatic Conveying is,

When a pipeline has pressure differential from one end to another end, bulk material is moved along with the air towards the low pressure area, it is called pneumatic conveying. Applications of it ranges from food, fumed silica, powder etc. There are two types of pneumatic conveying:

  1. Dilute Phase

It is a low pressure system which utilizes air pressure under 15 PSIG. The system may have positive pressure to push the material or negative pressure to pull the material. Here the air to material ration will be high as it operates as high velocity.

  1. Dense Phase

It is a high pressure system which utilizes air pressure above 15 PSIG. The system may have positive pressure to push the material or negative pressure to pull the material but at low velocities. That means here the air to material ratio will be low.

Our Recommendation @Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Here we recommend to use the dense phase because a large amount of bulk material is moved using a small amount of air, which means more material is moved at a time. This is basically a huge advantage of efficiency. This means you can get more output in less efforts in this method.

Another advantage is less power consumption in conveying large quantities over long distances. This is because it can transfer more bulk material as compared to dilute phase and hence the transportation will be carried out faster which means less power consumption. A significant benefit of dense phase is its reliability. This is basically a robust conveying system which performs its function efficiently.


Modern material handling facilities always demand more advanced conveying systems to cut down its operating costs. They have become concerned with the energy efficiency and reliability of the conveying systems. This is why a pneumatic conveying system has become very important to have at your facility. They provide a high technology solution to move material reliably at minimum efforts.

Trimech India is one of the leading pneumatic conveying suppliers in India. You can contact us to receive free quotes at www.trimechindia.com

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