A Primer on Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems

The first thing you need to know is what is Pneumatic Conveying Systems?

Pneumatic conveying is nothing more than creating a pressure differential along a pipeline, as a result the bulk material is getting carried away with it towards the area of lower pressure. This can be done with a vacuum inducer or thorough injecting compressed air.

Dense phase pneumatic conveying applies the force of light air to shift heavy stuffs in closely-associated slugs through a conveying line.

Unlike dilute phase conveying systems that typically use larger amounts of air to move in suspension, dense phase offers the enormous advantage. Thereby they can transfer heavy solids towards conveying line at a very slow speed.

The next generation

This new technology reduces the air consumption to the absolute. This means that the conveying pipe can utilize cement. This maximum density conveying technique has three main advantages.

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