Accessories to consider with your dust collector system

Accessories to consider with your dust collector system

Industries and companies are familiar with the advantages of the dust collector system. Over the years, Trimech India is into manufacturing and supplying of the industrial dust collector system. We ensure that our dust collector system will work the best for years. However, it is just a machine like any other and there can be some wear and tear with the passing time. As much as we learn about the dust collector system; the buyer must also know about the accessories that take part in making the entire system. Well-placed accessories in the dust collector system will ensure that the air quality maintains.

Dust Collector SystemComponents are an important part of any machine. We must not overlook the functioning of these components.. For your reference, here is the list of important accessories that you must consider along with your dust collector.

  • Filter bag: It is one of the important parts of the dust collector system. It will trap the particulates and dust to allow clean air through. However, the fabric material of the filter will vary as per the need of the industry. To name a few, polyesters, polypropylene, acrylic, etc fabric types are made use of.
  • Ductwork: The dirt and air need a shift from the point of a collector. Ductwork will do its function here. However, one has to carefully place the right size ductwork to ensure that the dust is carried to its place properly.
  • Air material separator: It is a device that separates flowing air and the material with the help of a pressure factor.  It is also an important component that assures the separation of flowing air from the material being conveyed.
  • Explosion protection instrument: When it is about dealing with minute particles, the risk of explosion must be taken into consideration. A dust collector system must have a well designed explosion protection instrument that will hold on to combustible materials, restrain an explosion, and minimize the damage.
  • Valves:  The opening and closing of valves play an important role in maintaining all the components of the dust collector system. These valves are placed depending upon their functions and the severity of the pollutants. But, these are very important, and damage to even a single valve can reduce the efficiency of the dust collector system.
  • Dust collector exhaust fan: Any dust collector system will need an exhaust fan. It will make space, and move the contaminants away from the source to keep the system clean. As it does all the cleanliness it is likely to get hot. Therefore, as a part of maintenance, we must take care of it.

Dust Collector System

Trimech India is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial dust collector systems for many years. Our dust collectors have a long life as we customize a design as per the industrial requirement. Moreover, we keep all the accessories related to the dust collector system with us. If you have not bought your dust collector from us but wish to get the accessories assembled for better function; you may get in touch with us.

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