All you need to know about Inclined Screw Conveyors

Let us first get to know what is a inclined screw conveyor? Inclined screw conveyors are spiral bulk material. The specialties of these conveyors are that they are designed with slanted texture to economically elevate and convey materials up and down floors.

Trimech India is one of the screw conveyor manufacturer and screw conveyor supplier in the region. They require sample space and an increased amount of power to lift the material, depending on the steepness of the angle.

These conveyors are very much useful in industries for different applications. They transport raw materials like cement, fertilizer, feed and etc. These conveyors transport ingredients to and from mixers and ovens so it is required it to be sterile frequently.

Therefore, they are commonly made of stainless steel. Lets say the conveyors that can be used as a rotating screw within a trough that pushes loose material forward. These are not used for transferring liquid material as these are inclined.

The slope of an inclined screw conveyor determines the amount of material it can hold. The conveyor capacity decreases with respect to the angle.

Inclined screw conveyors use trough covers and tubular housings so that the material does not fall. They are often attached to a vat, mixer, tank, silo or oven and mostly used for transporting from a small container to a large one that is much higher up.

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