Belt Conveyor: Associated Problems and Solutions

Belt Conveyor

Did you know that these days’ material handling equipment is playing a major role in industries for easy transportation of heavy or bulky materials? The most common one that we as a common person see is the belt conveyor. They are most commonly seen at airports to transport luggage to the people. Have you ever imagined what would happen if someday suddenly these conveyor stops working? Can you imagine staff at the airport bringing your luggage manually to you? Well, that can be a big mess if such consequences may occur. Hence there has to be a complete check on the working and maintenance of belt conveyor. Let’s throw light on some of the common problems associated and the solution to it.

1. Belt that comes off track: This is a common problem and a serious one. If the belt comes off the track then the belt will be damaged. At the same time, there will be material spillage and it can also damage instruments and machines. This can occur due to improper loading, inappropriate belt tension, and materials not laid properly on the belt.

Solution: A thorough self-inspection can be done by trained experts. Find out the root cause for the same so that the event is not repeated in the future. Make sure to carry out a regular audit by the team of experts can help in knowing the exact reason for the event. Get in touch with us so that our team can help you with the perfect solution and let you have a wider knowledge regarding maintenance of belt conveyor to avoid such consequences in the future.

2. Remains of the material: This is what may be a common problem related to the conveyor. Many times the materials get adhered to the belt and they remain on the belt and gradually get accumulated in the system. This commonly occurs with the fine size particulate matter. The quantity with each transaction may seem very small but over the time the overall remains may gather and cause a hindrance in the working. Hence to carry out a normal and efficient working, these small remains of the material should be taken care of at first place.

Solution: Trimech offers an exclusive solution to such problems. We suggest you to install cleaners that are designed especially to remove such remains. At the time of installation you may realize the cost but over the years it just pays for itself. It saves maintenance cost and ensures a smooth working environment. Your belt will be blessed with a longer life and efficient working. 

3. Belt damage: Belt is an important asset in the system. Any damage to the belt can lead to dysfunction of the entire system. Some of the factors that lead to the damaged belt are improper installation of cleaners, belt coming off the track, remains of the material and their further accumulation, imbalance pulley traction etc. It is important that a regular lookout for the effective running o belt conveyor is done to avoid such problems.

Solution: We understand the importance of belt in the entire system and thus we provide our clients with the complete information and solution for the same. Some of the ways by which you can make your belt run smoothly are by making sure that material load is distributed equally over the belt. This can be achieved by cradles that will ensure diffusion of materials prevent falling off the belt. Make use of sealant so that it can prevent damage from trapped materials. Make sure that there is appropriate friction while the belt is moving so that the belt will not slip off the track. Call up the experts. Get in touch with us for regular audit. This will ensure longer life of your belt conveyor.

Trimech India is one the leading manufacturer and supplier of belt conveyors. Get in touch with us and we can certainly assist you in keeping your system running without hindrance.

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