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Belt conveyor can be defined as a basic tool for industrial material handling. Belt conveyors are used for the transportation of bulk materials easily. Belt conveyor system consists of two or more pulleys and a conveyor belt that forms a loop to keep moving. The pulleys may be powered or not depends on the position they are placed.  Conveyor belts have different type of applications. Depending upon the use, the type of conveyor belt is designed. Belt Conveyor Manufacturer uses either PVC or rubber for its making. Belt conveyors are amazing in material handling; also they are quite versatile hence it is used commonly in industries.

Belt conveyors are a simple, excellent and inexpensive method for transportation from one point to another. Belt conveyors have many advantages and are a common choice for many industrialists.

  • Belt conveyors are capable of transporting very fine to lump size materials. Larger sized particles are also transported from mines to industries through conveyor belts.
  • Belt conveyors are used to unload ship materials that can be really heavy. It is designed to give desired amount of handling capacity to the conveyor belts.
  • Conveyor belts are blessings. They are designed to handle several applications in industries. They can be used to transport materials either horizontally or in an inclined position.
  • Belt conveyors are used to stock up, pile up or reclaim stocked materials. Belt conveyors are used to carry piled up or stocked up materials such as wood chips or coal etc. to carry to the processing unit in the industrial plant.
  • Belt conveyors do not use much energy. They use less horsepower energy as compared to other types of belts.
  • Belt conveyor is a standard method of transportation in the industries as stated by industrial standards.
  • Flat belt conveyors are simple in design. The simplicity allows it to move variety of materials that may be of different shape, size, type, weight. They are a better option when moving product through elevation.

Conveyor belts are effective and reliable in material handling process at industrial scale. They are mechanical system but it can also be linked with computers these days to increase ease and efficiency. This system saves labor. It involves in the process that may not be done by man power.

Today, the uses of belt conveyor are very common and many industries are involved in making use of belt conveyor system. Lets see how many industries have set up belt conveyors. They are used in warehouses and distribution, manufacturing, aerospace, automobile industries, government military agency, parcel handling, furniture handling, food handling, transportation of appliances and many more.

As a belt conveyor manufacturer and belt conveyor supplier, we bear in mind that belt conveyor are used for the processes that require strength. Hence we always keep it a target to have the superior quality of belt conveyor. We are belt conveyor supplier that makes belt conveyors with high tensile strength, good quality and operate smoothly. We believe in giving safety to the team that is working with belt conveyor system. We have designed belt conveyors very intelligently. If we sense a problem, we immediately stop the functions of belt conveyor. It as adjoined with alarm. The alarm goes on to indicate that the conveyor is going to stop due to some problem.

Thus we are one of the most reliable belt conveyor manufacturer and supplier. We believe in our reputation and prioritize with the safety of workers. Get your belt conveyor designed by us keep it lasting for long.

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