Belt Conveyors: Their Types and Industrial Use

Belt Conveyors: Their Types and Industrial Use

Belt Conveyors are the highly used and recognized systems in any industrial setting. Belt Conveyors are used in transporting goods and material from one place to another, automatic assembly, packing and much more. There are various reasons for the omnipresence of belt conveyors: they are versatile, efficient and are available in many designs which can be customized and configured variously to meet any industry’s need. Trimech India is the leading belt Conveyor manufacturer and supplier, we also advise our clients for choosing best belt conveyor type according to their requirements. Few among various types of industrial belt conveyors are mentioned below:

Flat Belt Conveyors

Flat belt conveyors are one of the persistent and versatile belt conveyors, a series of powered pulleys are used to move the flat belt continuously which is made of nylon or polyester or other material. This material is highly durable and made of the high quality fiber. Products are to be placed above the belt and they are carried to their destination. They are generally used in mining industry, power plant industry, food industry etc. The advantage of the belt conveyor is they require low power comparatively.

Inclined Belt Conveyor

Inclined belt conveyors are used when the product needs to be transported upwards or downwards. The angle of conveyance and the product to be conveyed is the deciding factor for the material to be used for the belt of inclined conveyor. Usually cleated or textured belts are used to avoid the falling off of material due to gravity.

The conveying systems are available in various configurations; the systems can be customized according to your needs: the length of the conveyor, a texture of belt, speed of conveying etc. Trimech India has the whole team dedicated for understanding the requirement of the clients to avoid any inconvenience after the installation.

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