Belt Conveyor – Major Uses and Application

Belt Conveyor Application

Trimech India is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of belt conveyors across the nation. In today’s era, belt conveyors are playing a major role in material handling. With the belt conveyors in trend, the industries are finding it quite easy and quick to do the material handling. You may have noticed that many of the materials are transported via belt conveyors and that has facilitated mechanism and as well increased productivity.  Some of the common applications of the belt conveyor are as follows:


  • Manufacturing industries
  • Packaging industries
  • Food and drug industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textile industries
  • Flour mills 
  • Airports
  • Sorting and assorting
  • Bakery and ice cream manufacturers
  • Chemical industries/plants
  • Shipyards and much more than one can think of

Belt ConveyorThis is not the end of the list but there are many industries/plants that make use of belt conveyors to do the needful. Manufacturers have found that belt conveyor is of great use and has increased the efficiency of work. Some of the awesome uses of the belt conveyor are as follows:

  • Conveyance of bulk material in minimal time is possible.
  • Many industries like food, aviation, and transportation industries make use of belt conveyors.
  • It reduces labor.
  • It helps in increasing overall productivity.
  • Horizontal and vertical transportation is possible
  • In most circumstances, the damage to the product can be avoided with the help of conveyors.
  • There is no fear of labor injury.
  • It is quite economical and it is durable.
  • It has more output as compared to the input.

Most industries believe in the reliability of belt conveyors. However, if you are reluctant to have one then you can get in touch with our team for the same. At Trimech, we are technologically advanced and make all the necessary updates as and when needed. It will also help in competing with the international standards as it has proven several advantages. As far as the cost is concerned, we can say that it will pay itself for the investment that you have made.

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