Crunch, Crispy, Fresh and smells original is what we all look for when we buy packed food, isn’t it? The packing of the food usually occurs months before they are put down on the shelves of the market. Ever wondered why they still remain as if it is made right in front of you? Well, Nitrogen gas is the answer to your question; though it is known to most of the people today that Nitrogen helps in keeping food fresh for a longer time. 

A larger percentage of atmospheres are nitrogen gas and as it is nearly unreactive it cannot be used directly hence some of the leading industries like Trimech India manufacture Nitrogen in their plant with the help of PSA method. They are the manufacturer and supplier of PSA nitrogen to many industries and food packaging industry is one among them. The fact is that most of the food packing industries look for nitrogen gas because they want the freshness, crunchiness and increased shelf life of their food item. The mechanism simply works as it overshadows Oxygen; hence oxygen is replaced with nitrogen and preserves its food quality. In today’s time, PSA nitrogen manufacturing has taken over amongst many of the industries and it is much in demand.


Installing a PSA nitrogen plant is actually much more advisable if one is looking to have nitrogen supply round the year. Buying cylinders for nitrogen gas manufacturer and supplier may not be that good idea because it leads to unnecessary burden and there are many other drawbacks too. Trimech India is a manufacturer and supplier of PSA Nitrogen gas and it recommends having PSA nitrogen generator plant for many food packaging industries. Do look for certain points when setting up a PSA Nitrogen generator in your vicinity.

  1. Look for an easy set up for your industry. Choose manufacturers that can make access to your PSA nitrogen generator an easy one for you so that your team can manage the plant well.
  2. One must go forward for having PSA nitrogen generator over a membrane nitrogen generator when they require around 95% purity or nitrogen for their applications.
  3. If you target of having nitrogen blanketing over oxygen for your application then it is best to have PSA nitrogen generator plant for your industry.
  4. Look for industry who will do the installation of PSA nitrogen generator for your venture and who will assist you and guide not only during installation but also in future in case anything needed.
  5. Make sure that your PSA nitrogen generator eliminates contaminants if any during the process; hence look for industries who can offer you with high-efficiency PSA nitrogen generator plants for installation.

Trimech India is one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of PSA nitrogen generator and their expert team will also guide you for setting up your own PSA nitrogen generator plant for you. With the years of experience in this field, Trimech India is a better choice than any for doing a setup.

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