Choosing the perfect Drag chain Conveyor Systems

In a factory, material care is very important. An improved and simplified material maintenance framework can handle all levels of continuous boiler feed fuel.

Certain types of material handling equipment include slip drag chain conveyor systems designed to handle specific types of material in specific situations. Choosing the right strain—and the right grower—is part of creating a high-performing, productive, and strong promoter.

Here you will find tips for choosing the right chain conveyor system for your office.

Choose a system that suits the environment

Drag chain conveyors are best used as part of dustproof situations where the elemental material is hot, hard and/or destructive. It can be coal, lime, biomass, wood, TDF, fire debris or different materials in one mass.

Transportation must be planned and implemented to coordinate the land. For example, the tracking vehicles we typically make for our customers are built to withstand high temperatures, erosion and abrasion. We achieve this by fabricating our frames with special coatings and compounds to secure the frames and ensure longevity.

It is wise to find a frame that is protected from the ground, especially one that mainly uses drag chains.

Increase efficiency with the right design

Competence should be the main objective when selecting a conveyor system. The more efficient the process, the more investment funds are available for the entire process, which can significantly reduce operating costs.

To increase efficiency, some of our packages are built with multiple deltas and focus releases. This makes for a more robust and flexible model that can extend the continuity of material flow. Likewise with the number of chains that we can vary, from single chain models to different chain variants, it all depends on customer needs.

It is important that your sliding chain transport system is designed to ensure molecular reliability. This can reduce or eliminate fuel integrity issues that can reduce threshold power.

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