Choosing the right screw conveyor to solve feedstock handling challenges

right screw conveyor to solve feedstock handling challenges

Out of many kinds of available conveyors, screw conveyor is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ones. Feedstock materials may need appropriate handling because they are going to be used in the making of the final product. Also, feedstock material may be of various natures that need proper handling.

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors can transport materials in vertical or horizontal form. The advantage of a screw conveyor is that it is embedded with the configurations that are needed. It will have all the vital components and materials required for handling feedstock. However, one will need a perfect combination of components and configuration to fight the challenges of feedstock handling. Let us give you an overview of some basic methods that helps you to identify the right screw conveyor.

  • Materials that are the fluid type that is those which flow like liquid when aerated or agitated may have uncontrolled flow. For handling such materials it is better to opt for a screw conveyor that has a large diameter but a shorter pitch. This characteristic will reduce the flowing ability of the material which will further avoid flooding. The reduced flow will allow the material to settle uniformly in the weight device or to the destination.
  • Viscous or sticky material will not flow freely. Such materials tend to get stuck in between the pipes or build upon the pipe surfaces. You can look for a single flight ribbon screw conveyor. When you have feedstock materials that may jam the conveyor then you must choose the one that has sturdy parts, big-sized parts that can withstand the frictional heat. This also stands true for materials that can disrupt due to their properties during the flow.
  • If you are dealing with abrasive materials then you may choose conveyor troughs that are made up of abrasion-resistant material. It could be made up of steel and also if the conveyor is run at low speed then the chances of abrasion will decrease.
  • Hygroscopic materials have the tendency to absorb moisture and accumulate between the joints. You may choose a shaftless screw to avoid material accumulation. At times hygroscopic materials are hot; if that so then you can keep your screw conveyor warm so that condensation can be avoided. You can do this by having a heat jacket along with your conveyor.

Suppliers and manufacturers are the best people to tell you about the kind of screw conveyor you must opt for. Trimech India has many years of experience and has dealt with many different type of industries for helping them in material handling. However, we understand that transporting feedstock will require correct environment and mechanism. We do not want to alter the nature of that material. Therefore, it should be done with great care. You may get in touch with us to discuss this further.

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