Compressed Air Dryers and Quality Air Products

To be healthy and safe, it is always suggested to live in a hygienic environment, free from impurities.

This is especially essential for people related to industries. As, there are lot of operations carried out in industries, which involve the use of compressed air, holdingharmful dust and impurities.

Air dryers are designed mainly for removing impurities and water vapour from compressed air, which can subsequently result in erosion in pipelines, and non – functioning of pneumatic systems. These are used in industries like textile, chemicals, mining, paper processing, telecommunication, health, airlinesetc.

These are produced in bulk quantities and are flexible enough to be operated at extreme temperatures, giving clean compressed air for operations.

Trimech Company supplies trustworthy air dryers of different kinds and specialties. You can choose the category as per your demand:

  • Split flow type dryer:Wet air is used here, which passes through the heater, for improving the moisture holding capacity.
  • Heatless type air dryer: It has fully automated features. It uses adsorption method for drying moisture content, by using less amount of power. It is compact in nature and is affordable.
  • Refrigerator dryer:It is capable of lowering the temperature for better removal of moisture. It can be used for all amount of capacities. It has easy operability with low operating costs. And, prevents undesirable noise.
  • Internal heater dryer:It uses external heater for taking the air temperature from 40 – 450C to 1800Both high and low temperatures are used in this, for restoration purpose. It is most simple and solid.
  • Biogas dryer:It works on inlet temperature of 40 – 450C, for eliminating unsafe water vapours.


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