Compressed Air Dryers Guide

Air dryers are devices which removes water vapor from compacted or compressed air. They are also called compressed air dryers and are normally used in a various commercial and industrial facilities.Process of air removal also concentrates to compression of atmospheric pollutants. This process helps to increase the dew point of the compressed air.

In liquid and vapor phase, excessive water can cause a number of operational issues and problems for compressed air users. These problems include corrosion in equipment and piping, freezing of outdoor air lines, fouling of products and processes, faulty working of pneumatic process control instruments etc.

There are a number of different commercial air dryers available in the market. Basically, their performance can be determined by their dew point. To prevent moisture from interfering and to prevent condensation from occurring in complex industrial processes, water vapor is removed from compressed air.

Refrigeration Air Dryers

There are two heat exchanges are being employed in refrigeration dryers. One is for air-to-refrigeration and the other one is for air-to-air. There is also another exchange which syndicates both applications in one.The air of having two heat exchanges is to cool the outgoing air, hot the incoming air and reduce the size of compressor required. It also increase in the temperature of outgoing air at the same time which helps to prevent re-condensation.

Cycling Dryers

These type of air dryers are being manufactured by most of the manufacturers. They are used to store a cold mass the cools down the air when the compressor is turned off.The large mass takes a lot of the time to cool when the refrigeration compressor runs, so the compressor stays off longer. Here, the cycling dryers are very useful. Air dryer manufacturers also supply compressors with built-in refrigeration dryers which are also popular in the market.

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