Cryogenic Oxygen Plants to Generate Purest Oxygen Gas

Industries have a great option for generating pure oxygen gas. The name of this new technology is Cryogenic technology. It is a worldwide famous and very useful technology which distill the gases from air as Oxygen.

Why should you go for it?

Well, these oxygen plant employs a fully automatic rotary type air compressor and performs on lowest pressure which is as low as 6 to 8 bar. Cryogenic oxygen plant are has many other features like high yield, error free operation, low maintenance cost, low power consumption and many more.

This cryogenic oxygen plant offers highly pure oxygen with the purity up to 99.7% and nitrogen purity up to 99.99%. So you can choose this plant for all your industrial oxygen and nitrogen requirements.

With all these features you will be ensured of getting purest oxygen gas for your requirements at a very low cost. Apart from that maintenance costs are low so you should be reaching at break-even point very early.

Cryogenic Oxygen Plant Manufacturers

There are a number of manufacturers present in India as well as worldwide who manufacture and supply these plants at low cost. But you should choose the company very carefully because with the low price, you cannot forget the quality. Here keep in mind that you should always buy such products from CE approved vendors for durability and sturdiness.

Trimech India is one of the leading cryogenic oxygen plant manufacturer who offers it as per the plants of international standards. With keeping the aim to manufacture the high quality plants in India, we also try to keep our manufacturing costs as low as possible with the help of cheaper manpower as well as low raw material costs. Therefore become cheapest and high quality plant manufacturer and supplier in India.

Customers can visit our website at www.trimechindia.com form various offers on gas generation plants, and other material handling equipment. Our products are highly qualified and well tested by our QA team and are available at very competitive rates!

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