Conveyors have grabbed the market like anything, due to their exclusive applications. These provide great comfort in carrying and placing heavy loads of any density, size, to different destinations, in industries.

Major category of conveyors are Mechanical and Pneumatic type of conveyors, which are available with their sub categories of conveyors.

Belt conveyors carry their own importance, since ages. These are the type of Mechanical pneumatic systems, and offers a wide range of applications for different industries.

Let us understand the enduring benefits and applications of belt conveyors.

  • Electronic belt – driven conveyors can be used, when you want to renovate your counters of supermarkets.
  • Standard belt driven conveyors also have their various applications in supermarket, as well as for carrying heavy loads in different industries. These are very adjustable, and provides easiest installation and maintenance.
  • Modular belt units are also a beneficial category of conveyors used in food industries etc. These are prepared from plastic or rubber. These are easy to be operated and maintained. As, if they get harmed, can be easily repaired, by exchanging the damaged section.
  • Roller conveyors are also used for various functions like handling baggage at airport etc. These are inexpensive, and offers easy maintenance. Roller can be anytime replaced or repaired, for healthy working. These are suitable for solid goods than delicate ones.


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