Different Types of Industrial Blowers and its Applications

Industrial blowers are mechanical devices which are used in the places/process where flow of gas is needed such as conveying, ventilating, cooling, aspirating, exhausting etc. A blower is also often known as “Fans” in many industries.

Industrial blowers can be specified by blower type, flow capacity, dimensions, maximum operating pressure, port design and electrical ratings. Following are two basic types of industrial bowers and its briefing.

Centrifugal Blowers

Such blowers use high speed blades or impellers to impart velocity to air or other gases. They offer a number of blade orientations such as radial, forward curved and backward curved. In centrifugal blowers, fan affinity laws dictate that a percent reduction in speed will produce a like reduction in flow.

Positive Displacement Blowers

Such type of blowers use mechanical means to squeeze fluid and thereby increase pressure and velocity as per the needs unlike centrifugal designs which impart pressure and velocity to media by flinging them outward with impellers. Here rotary lobe or root type is common which uses two counter-rotating lobed rotors to move fluid through the blower. These type of blowers are often driven by direct-coupled electric motors.

Applications of Industrial Blowers

Applications of centrifugal blowers are as follows:

  • Used for combustion air suppliers, drying and cooling systems
  • Used for dust control, air conveyor systems, fluid bed aerators etc.

Applications of positive displacement blowers are as follows:

  • Mostly used for sewage aeration, in pneumatic conveying, gas boosting, filter flushing and all kinds of petrochemical industries

Considerations while Buying

These industrial blowers are specified on the basis of flow rate and pressure. When higher pressures are needed, these type of blowers are purchased. Following attributes are to be checked while you purchase it:

  • Type of blower
  • Orientation of blades
  • Flow capacity of blower
  • Maximum operating pressure
  • Port design

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