Dust Collector Strategies to Improve the Dust Control

Especially for the grinding section, a good dust collector is a must where worker’s health and welfare affect the performance of the manufacturing process.

Most of the dust is produced from electrodes and they are coppered and graphite during grinding or milling operation. They are required to be cleaned well from the industrial atmosphere with the help of industrial dust collector before any serious damage. Here are some effective strategies for it:

Vacuuming Is Not Enough

As the vacuuming machine is not always the best when you want to clean the air at your workplace or manufacturing plant.A vacuuming machine just recirculates the filthy and dirty air back into the atmosphere. Here, the industrial dust collectors work the best by handling such big tasks and applications of cleaning.

Copper and Graphite

Most of the time during the working time, workers come into the touch of copper which irritates the nose, mouth and eyes. It causes dizziness, nausea, and diarrhea in workers. Copper dust is very dangerous and heavy exposure to it should always be avoided.

Graphite dust, on the other hand, is also very irritating to the body and causes irritation to nose, mouth, skin, and eyes. Graphite dust is non-carcinogenic and can ruin the parts of expensive and big machinery. So always such dust should be collected from the atmosphere regularly with the dust collectors.

Negative Chamber

In order to create EDM electrodes, most of the mold shops use machining centers which has very high speed. Here the spindle and work area is surrounded by a negative chamber. This negative chamber come with the machines and function of the camber is to keep the dust away from the shop and eliminate the dust completely.

A dust collector is the ultimate tool which protect both the machinery and workers. Always buy a dust collector which comply with the health and safety rules for employees. Trimech India is one of the top Dust Collector Manufacturer in India. You can check out our dust collection products at www.trimechindia.com

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