Dust Collector – Which One to Buy?

Knowing a Dust Collector

A dust collector is a part of a system with pick-up points at collector, gates, ducting or machinery. It is a hearth of the system which cleans the air and collects all the wood dust/shavings/chips which are injurious to health and industrial process both. Most of the time the dust collector supplier can guide you with different available types of it which fulfills the requirements. Let us have a general discussion which will help you futher.

There are many types of dust collectors available in the market ranging from basic ones to pro ones. Today’s article will help you to decide on buying the right dust collectors for your woodworking shop. Regardless of many types, basically there are two types of dust collectors in this application:

1.    Single Stage Dust Collectors

These type of dust collectors uses a single filter to draw the dust from the pick-up points and separate all of these particles from the air. The single filter can be made up of cloth or paper or a sock-type felt. These dust collectors does the best job in small shop where heavy work is not required. One of the biggest benefit of single stage dust collectors is that they are less expensive.

2.    Two Stage or Cyclone Dust Collectors

These type of dust collectors draws the dust laden air using the collector body where a cyclone or twisting action is imparted on the air. The dust and chips are separated from the air by centripetal force by feeding into a drum. Then as a further action, finer dust is carried to paper, cloth or stock-type felt with the help of exhaust air. These dust collectors does the best job in collecting dust particles and useful in large applications.

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