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In the automated world, with so much industries coming up with major procedures and systems, there has been a huge increase in the number of pollutants. These air pollutants revolves around the industries, causing unhygienic environment, leading to health problems.

Most profound way to remove impurities from air and making it hygienic for breathing is the usage of Dust collectors.
Dust collectorsconsists of programmed vacuuming system with filters in a cover. These works repeatedly, by cleaning rows of filter through a pulse,with a schedule of compressed air.

It is always advisable to choose dust collectors of supreme quality, from a renowned manufacturer.

Points you should consider before choosing the right manufacturer:
1) Check the size and features of dust particles in your industry.
2) Calculate the rate of emission of dirt.
3) Compare the temperature prevailing in industry, with that of dust collector system.
4) Check for previous track records of company in supplying these systems

Trimech manufacturing company provides you quality certified dust collector systems of different types, as per your usage, at considerable rates.

Different types of dust collector system by Trimech are:
1) Reverse Pulse jet type:These are solid in nature, and helps in continuing procedures smoothly.
Easy installation and maintenance
Prolonged working lifecycle
Works without being closed or hindering the air flow
Functional in both bag-type units as well as cartridge-type units

2) Cyclone dust collectors: These are preferred for large amount of dust prevailing in industries. These work on a principle of centrifugation, in which a mixture of air enters the system and creates a waterspout.
A wrong system can cause disasters to health and procedures, causing tremendous loss. So, be wise and choose ideal dust collectors from Trimech, which can keep your industry safe and hygienic.

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