Energy Efficient Compressed Air Treatment From Trimech India

Refrigerator Dryers is a compressed air dryer, used to dry compressed air that contains water. Basically used in to protect piping, tools and equipments, the refrigerator dryers have a simple design relatively and are cheaply maintainable.

Modern Production techniques require high quality compression, which include filtration, water separation and drying. Refrigerant Dryer from Trimech India provides a consistently high performance with optimum efficiency for industrial compressed air applications.

Why Refrigerant Dryer?

Compressed Air during the process has considerable amount of water, which can only be eliminated with the help of dryers and low temperature. Trimech India’s dryer follows on principle that makes pass the compressed air through a robust heat Exchanger which has a cold refrigerant set at 3° C on the other side of the heat exchangers. With this, the moisture attained during compression, is condensed and filtered out.

Features of Trimech India’s Refrigerator Dryer

  • It follows a non cyclic Operation which makes the phenomena more simpler and easy to attain
  • Low Operational Costs
  • Less Noise Occurrence and Zero Purge Loss
  • Can also meet Lubricated Air drying capability
  • Can take up any capacity
  • PDP 3° C while ADP is -20° C
  • Electronic Mechanism Control Options
  • Digitalized Controller Display that has different modes to keep effortless workability on the move.
  • Easy Drain Access

Save Energy with Refrigerant Dryers

Trimech India’s Refrigerant Dryers primarily focus on energy efficient characteristic and quality processing techniques, with robust heat exchanger technology these help in comparatively lowered running cost.

Trimech India is a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Air Gas equipments and other industry specific Machineries. Know more about our product on company’s website or simply get a quick assistance from websites requirement specific quote tab to gain insights on our aced products.

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