Everything You Need to Know About Bucket Elevators

Buckets helps to take materials and products from one place to another place. But when we talk about bucket elevators, they are much better helper in all the senses. Also called as grain leg, they help carrying other accessories in the digging and other things to carry from places with lesser efforts. Bucket elevators are an important part of the machinery equipment which are related to the manufacturing and the smelting in mines.

Bucket elevators are available in different shapes and sizes in the market. Organizations can buy them as per the type of the product or work they do. Such elevators can be used for transporting different things like grains, ores, liquids, bulk foods, thick viscous fluids or just anything which is not volatile enough. Bucket elevator manufacturer supplies different types of bucket elevators available like mechanical, electrical or even the hydraulic.


Unlike other belts, they are available with a number of different features like,

  • Explosion Proof
  • Dust Proof
  • Weather Proof
  • Built-in forced ventilation
  • Automatic bucket cleaning
  • Anti-static buckets
  • Controllable speed
  • Motion Resistant
Low Maintenance

Trimech India are one of the top bucket elevator manufacturer and belt conveyor suppliers India who uses high quality, low maintenance components. Our different models are easy to remove inspection covers and a conveniently located inspection window. The buckets in the elevator have a quick release mechanism to facilitate fast installation or removal of buckets from elevator.

The buckets on the belts can move effortlessly and can be extremely useful for the commoners. Bucket elevators are designed to stand up to rigorous heavy industry use. They are robust systems designed in a range of materials which can be useful in every industry. The transport of different products and materials can be made easy resulting in less expense and more profit. We, at Trimech India, as the top Conveyor suppliers India give the promise and guarantee that our product will be the best and you will never have to look back once you purchase them.

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